Regalia Infinity Pool Skyline

A Surprising (and Affordable!) Highlight of Malaysia

Malaysia is a country full of incredible surprises. From the gloriously cool, quaint hilltops of the Cameron Highlands to the rickety wooden stilt jetties of Penang, exploring a country as diverse as Malaysia is incredibly rewarding.

When Cameron and I travelled through Malaysia last year, we of course expected to stumble across a few surprises along the way, most notably a wild tapir wandering into a rainforest restaurant in Taman Negara. Even so, one of the highlights of our 3-week trip around Malaysia was a £20 a night Airbnb apartment in Kuala Lumpur.

We had just left Malacca, a charming town in the south of the Malaysian peninsular, and decided to prebook a place in Kuala Lumpur for ease. Spending a good hour trying to look for the Airbnb we had booked, (we had no wifi connection and had completely forgotten the name of the hotel which meant lots of stopping and asking locals for “tall hotel with infinity pool”), we were pleasantly surprised when we found what we now know is the Regalia Residence.

We had a full apartment to ourselves, complete with a kitchen, dining table, double bed and modern bathroom plus free access to an incredible infinity pool on the 37th floor overlooking the KL skyline.

KL Skyline Regalia
The Infinity Pool Overlooking the KL Skyline

From what I can see on Airbnb, many of the apartment’s owners have caught wind of the attention that the infinity pool has been receiving and now multiple people are subletting their apartments on the website for as little as £17 a night to as much as £40 a night!

What was most impressive about the infinity pool was that we had free reign pretty much 24/7. I believe that the
only people allowed into the pool area are those who are staying in the hotel. There is also a restaurant on the 37th floor, which as I recall was pricey but certainly worth the incredible views if you can’t get to the pool.

Throughout the day and in the evening the pool area was busy. Too busy in parts and the skyline became somewhat secondary to the intense buzz around it. We decided the best thing to do would be to arrive at the pool when there was bound to be a quieter crowd. The next morning, we awoke at around 5am, dragged ourselves out of bed, got our swimming costumes on and made our way to the pool in time to watch the sunrise over KL. When we arrived, we were the only ones there, even security hadn’t made it up yet. There was complete silence, and what really made it special was that it was all ours. The view of the sun slowly rising, causing a deep purple hue over the Petronas Towers is still one of the greatest things I have ever witnessed, and a surprising highlight of our trip away. We had a good 40 minutes to ourselves to swim, relax and take the whole view in, before two women also made their way to the 37th floor having just missed the sunrise.

Early Morning Sunrise
The Most Spectacular Views Of The Sun Rising
Regalia Infinity Pool Skyline
A Morning Swim

We only stayed at the Regalia for one night in the end as our budget was so tight, even £20 was pushing it. But when I next make it to Kuala Lumpur, Regalia and its glorious infinity pool will be my first port of call.

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