About Us

LeMepris.com is an information and blog site founded upon the fundamental idea that most people who care for one art form or aspect of global culture also care for at least one other.

If you have a preference between Coltrane and Davis then we believe that there’s a fair chance that you have a preference between Godard and Truffaut or an interest in how life in Myanmar differs from life in Thailand.

We believe that all world culture is interlinked forming a large tapestry factoring in concurring and contradictory beliefs and opinions. Not everything requires comparison but the more you discover, the more you realise how so many, seemingly different art forms correlate so perfectly. What would ‘Barry Lyndon’ be without Hogarth’s paintings? What would Kendrick Lamar be without America’s current socio-political situation? What would The KLF be without ‘The Illuminatus Trilogy’? What would travelling around the middle east be without a solid context of the major world religions? We also believe that it is important to not ‘analyse the enjoyment out of things’. Sometimes a view so beautiful or a song which fills you with endless joy really doesn’t need any context – to us experiences like that alone are worth reading.

However we are non-discriminatory…whether you’re a Beatles expert or you only know the chorus to ‘Hey Jude!’ there will be something here for you. We want our writing to be useful and inspiring; from making you want to buy a book we review to making you want to book a flight to a desitnation we talk about. Our aim is to skip pretentiousness and fads, and to share things not for the sake of having an extra article on the site but because it actually makes us feel something; isn’t that what art and culture are about?


About the writers:

Cameron Lee